As featured in VOGUE and The New York Times.

Our private perfume workshop provides a one-on-one experience ideal for individuals or couples to create a custom made fragrance. The three hour workshop is a unique, fun and creative experience run by MCMC Fragrances founder Anne Serrano-McClain. You create and perfect your own fragrance with expert consultation along the way. We’ll explore a selection of 50 perfumery ingredients and you will have access to hundreds more available at the lab to achieve your blend. Along the way, you’ll find your ‘nose’ and leave with a stronger understanding of fragrance composition, what you like and dislike, and an enriched descriptive vocabulary for your sense of smell.

On the day, take home your 10ml trial bottles. Individuals and couples will receive a beautifully presented 50ml bottle 15 days after the workshop (must provide U.S. shipping address). Formulas will stay on file for future reorder.

Please note the price is the same for either an individual or a couple. All custom fragrance sessions take place at our studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. An email will be sent after purchase with address. This class is for individuals wishing to make a fragrance for personal use only and not for commercial purposes.

We offer custom fragrances for your brand or store, as well as fragrance products for media launches, special projects and seasonal events. Email us at for more information.

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