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I'm so excited for the candles, I can hardly stand it! Turns out, candle making is a long process though. In January, I had the most awesome intern ever, Kate. She was on winter break from Harvard (so you know she's a smartie). I asked her to do some candle research - popular brands and their scents, prices, packaging, etc. Kate made a candle document that I will live by.

The thing about candles and line extensions in general, is that I only make perfume - alcohol and oil based liquid perfume. Candles are a whole other beast, with wax, wicks, and ingredients specific to candle-making. I actually learned a bit how to make candles in school in France but I don't feel the confidence to make candles on a large (semi-large? small?) scale. This is my first foray into managing a project rather than doing every step myself.

Here we are in April and I've just gotten the first sample back from our Brooklyn candle manufacturer. !!! I had the flu all last week and don't quite trust my nose yet so I have yet to burn the candle to see if it matches up. I chose four scents from the line to turn into candles - I'm keeping them a secret for now though I guess it's pretty obvious from the picture above MAINE is one of them.

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