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Sisters Body

 Just about a year ago I was introduced to Jo, who was beginning to put together the elements to found SISTERS, an all natural hair and body care line. She comes from a family of three sisters and their father is a chemist who had these formulas for really fantastic micro biome friendly products. The only thing missing was the scent...and that's where we came in! Over the course of about six months we collaborated with the three women on creating signature fragrances for their three debut products. The shampoo and conditioner contains Italian Bergamot, Geranium essential oil, sustainable Sandalwood, and Patchouli from Indonesia. It's bright yet soothing, and feminine without being overly sweet or powdery. The body wash is a crisp blend of Lemon and Haitian vetiver. When you wash in a nice hot shower the scent feels clean, refreshing, and cool.

It was such a pleasure working with these women. And I've saved the best for last...40% of proceeds are donated to organizations that support women's health. SISTERS BODY is available here:

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