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HUNTER 50ml eau de parfum



Memories of a long friendship and adventures building maple sugar cabins in Vermont inspired the fragrance HUNTER. With tobacco absolute, organic Bourbon vanilla and balsam fir, this fragrance is best worn with a flannel shirt.

Also available as a Perfume Oil and Candle.  


Eau de Parfums diluted in denatured alcohol / Perfume Oils in cocos nucifera (coconut) oil

HUNTER: sandal cyclopentane, methyl isoeugenol, musk indanone, iso e super, tobacco absolute, balsam fir absolute, lemon essential oil, cedryl acetate, ethylene brassylate, vanilla absolute, geranium essential oil

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HUNTER all day everyday.

Femi A.

Your fragrances lift my spirits during this pandemic! HUNTER and WHITE TEMPLE lover forever.

This is amazing! It's warm and soft and like the wafts of trailing out of a cigar shop. If this were on a man's skin I would be totally drawn to him.

Penelope M.

I live in the wilds of Maine where HUNTER is my (and my husband's) scent of choice.

Keryn G.

It's almost cold enough here in KC to start wearing HUNTER. Yay!!!

Ian M.

One of those boyfriend scents you can wear as a girl and it smells sexy on both of you.

Picked up HUNTER and I LOVE IT.

Angela B.

It's simple and soothing, rustic and refined. Vanilla throws a creamy veil over the whole composition, rendering the scent cashmere-blanket-soft. This is beautiful.

Genesis P.

I absolutely love how this smells like the deciduous forests near where I live on the east coast. It has a soft sillage which makes me want to continue to spray it.

Lauren C.

Love the tobacco, love the balsam, love the bourbon vanilla. Snuggle-in-front-of-the-fireplace fantastic.

Helen P.

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