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Photos from the year I spent studying at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in southern France, January - December 2009.

From top: 1) my very first meal, 2) overlooking Cannes, 3) sunset in Cannes, 4) class, 5) sunrise in Cannes  during those first few days when I took the bus to Grasse, 6) overlooking Grasse on my morning walk to school, 7) firewood at a local home, 8) mimosa in February, 9) Chie's socks, 10) Robertet's distillery, 11) beeswax absolute, 12) Robertet perfume lab, 13) making a mosaic, 14) the view outside of the Picasso Museum in Antibes, 15) when José came to visit, 16) my mantle, 17) my apartment in the old Banque Du France building, 18) working on formulas at school, 19) rose centifolia being distilled, 20) rose in the process of steam distillation, 21) a pretty garden, 22) rosé at the Chanel rose fields, 23) swimming at the lake, 24) my mantle later in the year, 25) first drafts of my collection.

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