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FAQ: dude no.1 beard oil

DudeNo1_beardI received this email from a customer today and thought I'd just answer it here for all of you others possibly interested!

Hi. I live in Montreal and love Dude #1. Do you sell it here? Want to get it for my bf. He doesn't have a beard though. Is that what beard oil really is for? Do you make an aftershave or cologne in that scent?  My guy friend says the scent  from the beard oil does not stay that long. Do you have another form of Dude #1 that does? I just can't get enough of it! Worst case, do you ship to Montreal? Extra cost? Thanks - Marigny L.

I'll address the international shipping concerns first. Yes, we do ship internationally! You'll find that question and answer on our FAQ page. We ship flat rate international USPS to almost any country in the world for USD$16.95. We currently do not have any stockists in Montreal, but we do have a few throughout Canada - check them out on our stockists page.

Now, as to the questions specifically on the product. I created the Dude No. 1 beard oil for my husband as a gift several years ago. Being kind of a...dude, he's not typically into traditional spray fragrances (he wears MCMC now though!). I created an organic jojoba and hemp seed oil based formula rich in natural essential oils to lightly moisturize and scent his beard. The concentration of fragrance is 10%; lower than most fragrance products as I was aware he'd be wearing it close to his nose.

Even if you don't have a beard, you can rock Dude No. 1. Simply roll onto the pulse points on your wrists and neck. I know many ladies who love the scent and use it. Lastly, we offer a Dude No. 1 Candle and an eau de cologne is in the works for early 2013.

x, Anne

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