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Diana is one of my oldest NYC friends. We met through a roommate just after I first moved to Brooklyn and she captured my heart with her humor, cooking and loyalty. We've grown so much in the past 8 or 9 years and earlier this month, Diana just released her first cookbook, A Simple Feast, which is full of amazing seasonal recipes. I am so proud of you, Diana!

Name: Diana Yen
Occupation: Owner of The Jewels of New York
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Where do you reside now: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite MCMC fragrance : My favorite scent in the Fall and Winter is HUNTER with it's earthy undertones. Now that it's Spring though I am really into LOVE! It's light and wears beautifully.
Describe a particular scent memory: I grew up going to Hong Kong with my family every summer. I have amazing memories of a city that was man made and modern but also felt wild and natural with it's overgrown trees and tropical weather. Every time we would arrive to my grandmother's house the first thing we had to do is burn smokey incense and bow to honor our ancestors. I always think of it whenever I smell incense being burnt, my family and where we come from.
What's your favorite recipe?: My favorite recipe comes from a trip I took to Big Sur. The bakery there is famous for their breakfast pizza with an egg on top. I did my own simplified version here.
When I grow up, I want to be...I'm pretty much grown up now and doing everything I've always dreamt of....but I guess I would love to be a grandmother at some point and spend all my days gardening, building things and making art at a leisurely pace.

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