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from a maine fan

The other day I received an email with the subject line "Happy New Year from a MAINE fan." A friend of a friend, Sarah Krasley told me about the very important role our MAINE candle plays in her New Year's ritual. 

Every New Year's Day, amidst the pieces of confetti on the floor that came home with me from the festivities of the night before, I buy a bunch of the whitest tulips I can find, play that song from Graceland that goes "Somebody say 'hello, hello, hello'" and pull out a pristine white paper canister that holds MAINE. The clary sage in the fragrance mix clears out any lingering juju from the year before and overall it is just a perfect, clean scent for a fresh start. The scent has a teeny sharpness to it, like the cold air piercing the winter sky all wrapped up in flowery kindness, the well-needed reminder of what will come in a few months...Spring.

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