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mcmc x anthropologie

I am beyond excited today to finally share with you a project I've been working on with Anthropologie for the last year. Remember that trip to Cambodia and all of those photos? (You can check them out here, here, here and here.) Well, that trip was the inspiration for SAVANN and AMARA, two new scents exclusive to Anthropologie. They can be found at all of their stores nationwide, as well as on their website.

Two years ago I created the Humanity Fragrance with public arts organization Trust Art, a fragrance inspired by a volunteer trip to the Casa de los Angeles in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The idea was to create a fragrance inspired by the feeling of compassion, and see if that sentiment could be carried to the wearer.

When Anthropologie approached me about a collaboration, I jumped at the chance to renew the Humanity Fragrance Project with a second edition. Anthropologie was so kindly open to that, and supported me when I embarked on a trip to rural Cambodia, where I volunteered with six friends at the Working for Children Rainbow Orphanage, then visited the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temples.

One friend who came with me was photographer Harry Fellows, whose wonderful photos below became the inspiration for the packaging. Designer Paul Wagenblast worked with illustrator Aidan Koch to interpret the varying things we saw into a playful moodboard of our trip.

SAVANN, named after one of the 37 beautiful kids at Rainbow, reflects the playful nature of the kids, with notes of mango, pink lotus and soft sandalwood. AMARA, an ancient Hindi word for roots, draws more from the mysterious spiritual nature of Angkor Wat and the amazing sight of trees overtaking ancient temples. AMARA is a darker, woodier scent with regional black pepper, cinnamon, spider lily, jasmine, and Kambodi Oud.

Each fragrance contains a stamped postcard addressed back to the MCMC Fragrances studio, encouraging wearers to tell us about any moments of compassion one may feel while wearing the fragrance. We'll post the messages here on the blog as they roll in. A portion of the proceeds from the fragrance will go back to the Rainbow Orphanage, to build a new boys dormitory.

Thanks again to Anthropologie for their tremendous support, and if you fancy, please shop the fragrance here!

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