December 31, 2011

reflections on turning 30

I turned 30 yesterday!  And oddly was hard for me.  It doesn't matter at all to me what age other people are and I have friends from all over the spectrum. But for some reason, as my own 30th birthday started to approach, I started feeling this dread. THIRTY.  No going back!  No more crazy 20s.  I'm a REAL adult.

But I had a really lovely day yesterday, and today I really am 30, looking forward to this new year and all of the exciting things 2012 will bring. I went to the El Museo del Barrio uptown with my husband and saw an amazing show there (and skipped the huuuge line at the Guggenheim!) followed by dinner with friends at Momo Sushi Shack. The whole dinner situation was sort of indescribably epic and wonderful. There was endless sushi, endless sake, and they even turned all the lights off in the whole restaurant to sing happy birthday to me. Go there!

When I was 25, I was having brunch with my friend Jessica outside at some cheesy East Village restaurant.  We shook hands and promised each other we'd have our own businesses by age 30. We've both accomplished that, and for that, I am grateful.

December 28, 2011


It's been amazing to have a few days off after what was a very busy December.  I've slept in every morning and seem to be catching up on a little laziness. We spent Christmas eve with Jose's family which was epic to say the least.  He has a very big family compared to my side, so get-togethers with them means copious amounts of food, drink, dancing (merengue!  At that point I usually have to run from the room with my half asian/half white self), kids, and the whole nine. It's always fun to meet new cousins, aunts, nephews and nieces.

It was wonderful to spend Christmas day just chilling and I loved the gifts I got this year. Jose gave me a Japanese knife (the one on the left) from Love, Adorned (my favorite store!) with turquoise and mother of pearl inlay. Along with the small hand-carved one I got in Kyoto last year, I now have a little collection going. I also got lots of new jewelry this holiday season, and I'm proud to say that most of them were trades. And that's just a small selection above!  

From left: a braided necklace I learned to make in Erin Considine's class at the Textile Arts Center, a glass amulet from Emily, a talon necklace from Katrina, small heart studs from Addie, and glass earrings from Jane. I love that the glass earrings look like caramelized sugar.

December 18, 2011


My husband doesn't like chocolate (whoa) so I'm always on the lookout for non-chocolate dessert recipes.  I came across this one for cranberry almond white chocolate cookies by Lola's Cookies on Design*Sponge the other day and tried it.  So delish!
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